to stay cool this summer

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Save with solar
Mother and daughter sweltering in heat in front of ineffectual fan

With energy efficient air conditioning powered by solar power.

Cut bills

Cuts power bills

Cut bills

Reduces climate pollution

Cut bills

Saves lives

For the thousands of Australians without access to air conditioning this summer, isn’t just going to be very hot.

It could be deadly

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Luckily, there’s a simple solution:
Air conditioning.

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But many Australian families, especially those who rent, are missing out, because they can’t afford it.


That’s where rooftop solar comes in - pairing our cheapest form of electricity with efficient air conditioning can make staying cool this summer accessible and affordable for the Australians who need it most.

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Get informed then join us to demand all Australians have access to affordable air conditioning this summer!

Are summer energy costs stressing you out?

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Save with solar
Save with solar

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Save With Solar is a collaboration of leading environment, climate, health and justice organisations working together to help cut Australia’s power bills by expanding access to affordable solar power.

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