Australians deserve to Save With Solar

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Tell the Energy Ministers to expand access to rooftop solar now.

Millions of Australians have already slashed their bills for good by installing rooftop solar – saving them thousands on their power bills.

But, thanks to energy injustice and inconsistencies in subsidies and rebates between the states many Australians, including those who rent, live in apartments or can’t afford the upfront cost, are missing out on the chance to install solar and reap the benefits.

Enough is enough. Energy bills are rising faster than ever and thousands of Australians are shivering in their homes this winter afraid to turn on the heater.

It’s time for change. It’s time to radically expand access to solar and lower power bills for good.

Use the form to sign the petition and tell Chris Bowen and the state energy ministers that all Australians deserve to #SaveWithSolar.

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